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In Sexplore there are hundreds of suggestions for foreplay, afterplay, ideas for him and her and even kinky ideas to bring your sex life between you to a next level. Ideas can be simple and straight forward and other times real specific. Just exploring these suggestions will get you both in the mood (again).

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Not sure what you are into or unsure how to bring it up with your partner? Let Sexplore do the work for you by selecting 20 random suggestions. You then both answer “yes” or ”no” to each suggestion, by swiping right or left. Once done: you only get to see the matching suggestions you both swiped right on.

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Knowing what you both are into can open communication about your sex life. After all, being open and honest what you like and don’t like is really important. By being a fun environment Sexplore, helps you open up and talk more easily about your fantasies.

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Based on your matching suggestions, you get suggestions from different online shops for sex toys and more to help you bring your fantasies to life.