Tinder for sex suggestions

If you are in a (long-term) relationships, you might have hit a roadblock in your sexlife. It seems stale, you seem to check off items: little bit of foreplay (not too long!), get naked, fuck in missionary and done.

And that's truly a shame. As really good sex can help your relationship and even improve it. But it seems that the longer you wait, the harder it seems to bring it up. That's were Sexplore comes in.

“It's like Tinder for sexy suggestions”

“It's like Tinder for sexy suggestions”. That's how one of Sexplore's users once described it. And we think that fits nicely. But instead of playing it alone, you play together. You both swipe left or right on your own to a set of sexy suggestions (from foreplay to kinky!). If you like a suggestion you swipe right, if you dislike a suggestion you swipe left. Your partner then goes over the same suggestions. And when you both are done going over all suggestions, you get to see the ones you both swiped right on.

By providing a fun and safe way to explore what you both want (or never even thought about), you can start improving your sexlife. Which you still have to do yourself (luckily!).

Explore what you both want to do between the sheets