About Sexplore

Sexplore is an app to explore sexual ideas for you and your partner. Get suggestions to improve and spice up your sex life.

Sex is enjoyed most when you give it your all. No holding back. Just you and your partner (and someone else?). But what do you want? What do they want? Communication is key for your sex life. Talk about things you like to try, fetishes you have, but never before dared to talk about it? The longer you are together, the harder it sometimes get to be frank about your fantasies too.

Sexplore gives you a safe place to share what you want. It gives you a set of suggestions in categories like foreplay, ideas for him and her and even kinky. You simply swipe left or right to suggestions that seem exciting (or not at all exciting) to you. Next up your partner does the same. When done, you only get to see the matching suggestions between for you two. Scrolling through these suggestions together will likely already kickstart some fun, but it too helps break the ice to talk more openly and freely about some naughty suggestions given.

Sexplore is not the answer. It’s a mere tool to help you. To help you explore. To help you communicate about what you want. You still have to do the hard work yourself (luckily!).

Enjoy it together. ❤️

Sexplore's history

Sexplore started mid 2017 under the name “Novisioo”. With the same principle we still go by: improve sex positivity between couples (and beyond) around the world. It helped since then a few hundred couples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? We got some answers. If your question is not answered here, feel free to reach out.

How does it work?
Sexplore gives your partner and you 20 suggestions in various categories. You both swipe, separately, either left (no) or right (yes) to each suggestion. When you both are done, you get to see only the matching suggestions between you two. The other won’t know what you swiped right on, unless they did so too. These suggestions can be a start of some renowned fireworks between the sheets. 🎇 Or help you communicate more openly about your sexual desires.
Is it only for heterosexual couples?
At the moment Sexplore is only for heterosexuals (two individuals identifying as a man or woman), but there are suggestions to invite either a man or woman into the mix too! We are working on making Sexplore open to everyone, no matter your orientation (we love to hear from you!).
What kind of suggestions can we expect?
The suggestions you get from Sexplore range from very broad and basic: “I want to cuddle her during foreplay” to really explicit: “I want his cum on my face”. The matching suggestions can be tried at every sexy time you have or whenever you (both) feel like it.
Where do these suggestions come from?
The suggestions in Sexplore are added by us and sourced from users around the world. Want to contribute too? Contact us.
Can I help with translating Sexplore?
We are working on providing Sexplore in as many languages as possible. Our focus is on Spanish, French, German and Dutch. If you want to help, get in touch. In return you get a free extra month of ”Sexplore X” (the paid subscription of Sexplore).
How do I access my account?
When you use Sexplore for the first time you get an unique link that gives you access. You can find this link in your settings. Whilst here you are advised to also add a strong password that only you and your partner knows.
Is my data safe?
All your data is transmitted securely over an SSL connection. We don’t collect any personal-identifiable data. You are also free to use nicknames instead of your real names if you wish to do so.