5 sex suggestions that include toys for him (that she might enjoy too!)

Sex toys for women are no longer taboo, but toys for him are still in a “I am not sure” phase. And that's sad. For him. It's time for a change! These are our five most popular suggestions that include a toy for him. Not just for masturbation purposes, but to include while having a sexy time with her.

  1. While having sex I want to wear a vibrating ring

    A vibrating ring is like a cock ring but with a tiny vibrator. This makes sex that much more amazing by stimulating both you and your partner.

  2. I want him to fuck me with a penis sleeve

    A penis sleeve (or extension sleeve, penis sheath) is an aid he slides over his dick. It can help him last longer (even after his orgasm), give her a new sensation or try positions not possible before. Penis sleeves are available in many shapes and sizes. Some come with a vibrator inside. Most need to try multiple sleeves that gives both that extra pleasure.

  3. While having sex I want to wear a cock ring

    A cock ring (or an erection ring) is used to enhance an erection and orgasm by restricting blood flow.

  4. I want to mutual mastubate with toys

    Mutual masturbation is where you both simultaneously stimulate your own genitals using a toy. For example a vibrator for her and a masturbation sleeve for him. While not touching each other, this can still be really intimate. Seeing your partner get to their peak can be a really turn-on. At the same time you can learn from their technique.

  5. I want him to use a sperm stopper

    The sperm stopper, or cum stopper, give the penis a hard firm head and are great for cock bondage.

Looking for sex suggestions including toys for him?