Fun suggestions with toys for her

Toys can add something extra to your sexy time. These are our 10 most popular that include someting extra that she loves.

  1. I want him to tie my feet and hands to the bed

  2. I want him to spank me with a belt

  3. I want to use a dildo on her

  4. I want to use some special lube while we fuck

    There are many different lubes available. Adds to the electricity between the two of you. Try a few different ones to know what you both like. Be sure to use water-based lube.

  5. While having sex I want to wear a vibrating ring

    A vibrating ring is like a cock ring but with a tiny vibrator. This makes sex that much more amazing by stimulating both you and your partner.

  6. I like him to use a nipple suckers on me

    Her nipples are two of the most sensitive parts of her body. Nipple suckers (or pumps or vacuums) are designed to draw more blood to them to increase responsiveness and stimulation. This is turn can make her more aroused.

  7. I like to have sex in a swing

    A sex swing is a type of harness designed to have sex between one partner suspended by the swing and another who moves freely.

  8. I want him to fuck me with a penis sleeve

    A penis sleeve (or extension sleeve, penis sheath) is an aid he slides over his dick. It can help him last longer (even after his orgasm), give her a new sensation or try positions not possible before. Penis sleeves are available in many shapes and sizes. Some come with a vibrator inside. Most need to try multiple sleeves that gives both that extra pleasure.

  9. I want him to stimulate my g-spot and bring me to an orgasm

    The infamous g-spot. For some women the way they can reach multiple orgasms in a row! How to stimulate it? Curl two fingers into her pussy and press them up against the upper wall in a tick-tock motion. Start light and slow. There are also toys available to help you with this. If she hasn't found it on her own, don't try this. Unless she knows how (and where) to stimulate the g-spot area, he won't succeed.

  10. While having sex I want to look at us in a mirror

Learn which suggestions with toys you both crave