Popular ass and anal ideas for her and him

Ass and anal play during sex goes way back. And are enjoyed by both sexes. Luckily for him it's “back in fashion” again too! So these are our most popular ass and anal suggestions for her ánd him!

  1. I want to fuck her in her ass

  2. While sucking me, I want her to gently rub my ass

  3. With Ben Wa balls inside me, I want him to play with my ass

    Ben wa balls (or beads) are used by women to get stronger orgasms and more intense intimate sensations. Together with anal stimulation this could just set her on fire. 🔥

  4. I like here to peg me

    Pegging is the act of the woman penetrating the man in his ass, usually via a strap-on dildo. As always with anal sex, use enough (anal) lube.

  5. I like her to massage my prostate

    To reach the prostate, lubricate a finger and gently put it up your partner's rectum. Crook your finger to find the right spot. There are also toys for prostate massage.

  6. While doing her doggy style, put a buttplug in her ass

  7. While sucking me, I want her to put a finger in my ass

  8. I like to wear a pony tail buttplug while he fucks me from behind

  9. I want to play with a buttplug on him

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