Tender and sexy ideas to get you both turned on

We once again asked the Sexplore Bot to find the most popular ideas and suggestions by couples that turn them on. From little kisses all over her body, to the figure-8 technique and taking a bath. These suggestions are proved to be a hit amongst thousands of couples.

  1. I want to receive the figure 8 tongue technique from him

    He works the supersensitive area around her clitoris in a figure-8 pattern. Arouse her with gentle sucking until the little button swells, then carefully expose the area with your fingers.

  2. I want to take a bath together

    Taking a bath together is spending quality time together. The feeling of hot water is relaxing and soothing. Sit across eachother and massage eachothers feet and legs or in your partner's arms and let them explore (again) your body with their hands.

  3. I want him to remove all my clothes and slowly explore my whole body

  4. I want to give him a striptease

  5. I want her to kiss me in my neck

    Kissing him in the neck is really intimate and when done right, he likely want you to do it more often. As some can be ticklish, it's best to start with some light touching in his neck. Gently stroke around his neck, before you kiss him. The part were the neck meets the collarbone and near his jawline is especially sensitive. Tip: don't keep this just as a “foreplay” act!

  6. I like him to gently nibble my ears

  7. I want to kiss her everywhere on her body

  8. I want us to wash each other in the shower

  9. I want her to slowly undress me without using his hands

  10. I want him to edge me

    Edging is the act of masturbating right up to the point of orgasm but then pull back on the stimulation just before release, and then repeat the process. You can repeat as many times as you want (and can). Edging can result in more intense and stronger orgasms. Edging is also known as peaking, surfing or orgasm denial. If you are edging your partner, be sure to follow her instructions carefully.

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