“We couldn’t wait anymore”

Because of Sexplore me and my girlfriend have found a whole new level of desire for each other. Larissa and I have been together for four years now. Our sex life was always okay, but never more than that. I had one sex-partner before her, and I was her first. So we don’t have a lot to compare with. I had secret desires (and so had she), but we only learned about these after playing this game. I always thought Larissa would have never agreed with my fantasies, so we just had, ‘ordinary sex’, so to speak. The same position, once or twice a week, nothing to brag about to my friends…

The fantasy in my head kept yelling at me, kept telling me that I should at least try to talk about my fantasy. You should know that my fantasy is considered as really extreme, and by most people considered disgusting. I was afraid that Larissa would think this too.

The day that I found out that Larissa was looking at your site, was the day that our sex life changed completely. At first I was angry with her for looking at this site. It did hurt when I found out that my girl was also bored in the bedroom. But now there was a chance that I could talk with Larissa about my fantasy.

The great thing about this site is: you only see the suggestions that you both want to do. So if Larissa would have answered ‘No’, when my fantasy came up, then she would never know I answered positive.

The first time we got a suggestion from the site, I was happily surprised that the suggestion was pretty kinky. Without going into details I can tell you that we both got really turned on when we saw our first matching suggestion. We both stopped work an hour earlier as we couldn’t wait anymore. We even cuddled for a long time afterwards, which normally we don’t do. I can tell you that I felt some butterflies again while laying next to her.

NB. Larissa is not their real name.

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