Ideas for couples to have more good sex

Good sex can be the icing on the cake for a love relationship. But what good sex is depends per relationship ánd per person. Communication about what your fantasies and ideas is important. Exploring, first alone, then together is not only fun, but truly helpful. Then take the best bits and rinse and repeat.

Communicate what’s on your mind

You likely have some fantasies. Things you like to do. This can be anything from new positions, another location or something specific involving bodily fluids! Be open to talk about this with your partner, which could help open up to. Being vulnerable like this is a class act. Know that these fantasies don’t are strange or weird. Tell to your SO and ask what they think. Are they up for it? Great! Not so much up for it? Great too! Tell and listen.

Explore new sex positions and other acts

Go around (the internet) and explore new ideas. Buy a book, read an article or watch a video. Suggestions and ideas for sex can b found anywhere. You could do this alone, and talk about it with your partner later, or you can do it together. Be open-minded—if you’re curious of something, read about it a bit more.

Do more of what you like

Now go and put it to good use. Make sure you won’t be bothered for awhile and try out those new-learned acts. Take your time for it. Some new positions might take some getting used to. Don’t stress it. Have fun and try it again another time if the first time doesn’t went to well.

Use Sexplore to help you

Sexplore is a sex-positivity app that can help you with all this. From exploring new suggestions, learning what you both love to do and even suggesting some fun toys to go with it. Te only thing you still have to do (luckily!) is have the actual sex (poor you! :))

Hundreds of ideas for fun between the sheets are waiting