A kiss that made me almost explode from desire

Marc and I have been together for seven years now. The first three years our sex life was good. After five years I got really busy with work and we only had sex two or three times per month. We did fight a lot about this topic, until Marc had discovered Sexplore. Marc and I started filling in the suggestions apart from each other so we could be totally honest about our desires. Once we were done, we got all our matching suggestions. One of the suggestions was to have sex in a bus. IN A BUS! When we saw that suggestion we started giggling because we got nervous as we knew we had to step up and just do it.

The next day we walked to the bus station. Marc was holding my hand the entire way and we started talking dirty to each other. We talked about how bad we wanted each other and that I couldn’t wait to feel him. When we were half way there, we stopped to give each other a kiss and I tell you: that kiss made me almost explode from desire. I smiled and it felt like I started to falling in love with Marc all over again. As we waited for the bus to come, Marc and I started to getting closer and closer to each other. Honestly, I didn’t want to wait anymore, but Marc told me to be patient and gave me another kiss.

When the bus arrived, we made sure we were first in line so we could find ourselves a good spot. We booked the tickets at a time that we didn’t expect a lot of people to travel, and we were right, there were only about six people behind us. We got into the bus and sat down almost in the back of the bus. We nervously watched the people getting in, most people decided to sit in the front of the bus. We only had two persons fairly close to us. I really struggled to wait for the bus to start driving, as I was so turned on!

When I looked at Marc, I could see that he was horny. When the bus headed off, I turned my head to Marc and started kissing him. He kissed me back with so much passion and desire I hadn’t felt in a long time. We had our hands all over each other. We had to be really quiet as to not disturb anyone, which was quite difficult—haha.

We didn’t had a lot of time as the drive was only 45 minutes (including stops!)—we could get caught at any moment. But because of our extreme lust for each other, the excitement and the desire, the sex was truly unique (not going into any details).

45 minutes later we got out of the bus with a big smile on our face. A smile we kept for the rest of the day. ;)

Thought I would share this with you, as it really improved our sex life (and relation!).

NB. Marc is not their real name.

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